Interact with a "file explorer" developed in java

Screenshot: imagen

Hi all.
I am currently developing a robot that works with a tool developed in java, up there no problem.
Then I get to a point where I have to interact with a kind of file explorer similar to windows (as seen in the image), the difficulty I have is that I can not find a way to interact with the screen to get to the folder where find the file that I need to use, it does not allow to write the path where it says My documents and if I deploy that list uipath does not recognize it and recognizes the elements under it

P.S. already install the Java extension for Uipath.

Thanks in advance

Hi @askPWC,

Did you tried the Computer Vision Activities?
If not, install the activities and give it a try.



Hi @wasea
Didn’t detect the window.
Thanks for the quick answer.


I saved your screenshot on my machine and using computer vision, I am able to see the fields.
Do you have the latest version of Computer vision?
Using CV scope, I get the following:

You can see that the field became active.
My test workflow:


Hi @wasea, yes already have the latest version, but din’t recognize the window, already try just the part that i want to find the path of the file that i’ve to use but it have to ve at least 30px x 30px