Computer vision error

hey guys i’m just starting to use computer vision, i already installed the package, but when i want to use it i get this error
Method not found: 'Void UiPath.Core.Activities.Design.BaseTargetControl.set_SelectNodeOptions(UiPath.Core.SelectionOptions)

i tried to ignore it and i tried to indicate the screen i want using cv screen scope, but after i click on the screen i want to indicate, nothing happens, the small version of the screen doesn’t show up on studio like nothing happened.

any solution to this ?


Could you please run UIPath as administrator and then try.

just tried it, still got the method not found error, and when i tried to indicate the screen i got message like this


What type of application are you trying to indicate it. Is it possible to access that application from my side ?

sorry it’s not possible, it’s some kind of company security monitoring software. let’s say it’s the application’s fault, are there any solution for the method not found error ?

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Is this application in local or Remote system ?

it’s local


Then no need of Computer Vision activities here to work with.

If it is java based application then install extension from UIPath and restart UIpath and application. It will work.

Is UIPath activities are able to identify elements on that application or not ?

hey sorry for the late reply, UIPath is not able to identify elements on that application, it’s also not java, it’s some kind of antivirus application

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Are you sure you followed the installation steps correctly?

I recommend you start a new project, then remove the existing UIAutomation package, then install the latest stable version of ComputerVision.