Intellisense not working even after typing Cntrl+Space

Hi. Intellisense is not prompting anything even after typing Ctrl+Space. This is not happening everytime, but this issue is troubling me many times.

@Forum_Staff - Can you please help me how to fix this issue?

Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu

Can you kindly elaborate? Is this a web or desktop application?

Some screen shots would help so that members of the community can chime in with their suggestions.

When it’s troubling you, do you know what error is being logged?

Thanks much!

The bug is not in any application.

The bug is with UiPath studio itself.

Intellisense is not working in the immediate panel even after typing Cntrl+Space . Please observe below screenshot carefully. Here in the immediate panel intellisense should show me JobsDT. It should show JobsDT atleast after typing Cntrl+Space. But it’s not working.

Not only for JobsDT, intellisense is not working for many other commands. It’s troubling me a lot.

However, I raised a ticket with UiPath support and they asked me to reinstall studio. I’ve reinstalled and problem is solved as of now. Not sure if it comes back again in future. This is a defect in studio, but not the error. So there won’t be any error message.

Aah! Yes. Thanks for the clarification.

Just to be clear, I’m not making any excuses and if it’s an issue I hope UiPath will fix it in future releases.

A few things though. The scope of the JobsDT is the container named test. So, your cursor on the debugger is stopped at the Build Data Table activity which is creating the JobsDT object.

So, my theory is that the jobsDT is yet to be created (or has been just created) and refreshed into the object list that is causing the intelli-sense to stall because that object list has not refreshed fully yet.

What happens if you test it differently?

Let us say that you put a break point on the second activity. The debugger will create JobsDT and stop at the second step.When you test the intelli-sense in this situation, will it still drag? Or is it possible that the JobsDT object is already refreshed to the object list and may cause the intelli-sense to work properly?

Maybe we are shooting in the dark here, but it may also hint at what may be cause of these troubles.

As the variable jobsDT is already defined and as I’m already inside test sequence, intellisense should prompt JobsDT and it’s value will be null, because it’s not yet built.

As I said, it’s not only with JobsDT, but also this problem occurred many times for me in many other scenarios.

I believe that you need to click one more step into before seeing all what you want.

No. One more step into is not needed. You can try it by yourself.

Same problem on my side. I’m very nervous of this issue!

Yeah. This looks like a defect in UiPath studio. If you are using enterprise version, raise ticket with UiPath support and see what they’ll reply.

They asked me to reinstall studio and then it worked. But I think it stopped working again after sometime

Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu

Could you think of anything specific that happens so that it stops working? Doesn’t a simple studio or machine restart help resolve the issue?

I’m not sure why it’s not working. However I can’t test it further because I’m no longer using that machine

No worries. Please do let us know in case it ever comes back and there is a hint at what might be causing it :slight_smile: