Intelligent Keyword Classifier Throws Failed To Consume License Error For Pdfs Greater Than 25 pages

How to resolve when the Intelligent Keyword Classifier throws below error for pdfs greater than 25 pages while using UiPath.Executor ? Error performing document classification: UiPath.SmartData.Utils.DocumentUnderstandingClient.DUApiException: DocumentUnderstanding server returned 409 (Conflict). Additional details: {"info":"Prediction Failed","reason":"{\"message\": \"Failed to consume license\"}"}

This error occurs if Studio or Robot is not able to consume Document Understanding Units for processing the files.

The reason, that it works for pdfs lesser or equal than 25 pages is because Intelligent Keyword Classifier needs to consume Document Understanding Units for any document that is above 25 pages, following the rule:

  • Between 1 and 25 pages - no units
  • Between 26 and 50 pages - 1 unit
  • Between 51 and 75 pages - 2 units

Capped at a maximum of 5 units.

To fix the issue , ensure that Document understanding Units are available for consumption and in case of Air-Gapped infrastructure, it should be tagged with correct Orchestrator license.