UiPath.SmartData.Utils.DocumentUnderstandingClient.DUApiException: Your license could not be validated. Please make sure that the API key parameter is correctly configured

I am in process of working on a DU extraction workflow and have not made any changes to the workflow since Friday. Was working perfectly on Friday, and today will not work and gives me the above error during the classification stage. I have updates the endpoints to include /?edition=enterprise at the end per another post, and it is not working. I am using an enterprise trial for DU and intelligent keyword classifier. There were no change to the endpoints, but I started using the West Europe one anyway since they have been deprecating the US ones.

Guessing since I have not changed the workflow that something in UiPath changed.

Cannot provide workflow. Here’s a screenshot of the classifier with the error.

Appreciate any help.

Well, it looks like with no changes overnight, it is working again. My guess it was somethin being done on the UiPath side.