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Using create new incident in intergation service , I’m able to create incidents, but I need to create incident with incident no and attachment…

As create new incident output, i’m getting incident id, what is use of that?

Can any one help how we can do this please?

Hi @Rahul_Srinivas ,
Can you share image for your error?


there’s no error, but in the output, I’m getting incident id, but instead i need to create incident with incident number and attachment… what activity should we use for that…?

My automation is to create incidents from an excel… It has all the details… how could I implement it with integration service?

With ServiceNow UI getting change as a permanent solution, wanted to use integration service for that

Hello @Rahul_Srinivas -

Are you creating this activity in Studio Web or Studio Desktop?
If Studio Desktop, do you mind providing the version of the Product as well as the Activity Package?

Thank you very much!

Kind Regards,

Eva Beasley

Hi Eva

I’m using 2023.4.4 Studio Desktop Enterprise edition and the package I’m using is 5.0.2 intergration service package.


Here you can see I get incident id as output, are there any activities with intergration service which can create incident number with attachment… In this activity properties i can’t see anything

Hi @Rahul_Srinivas -

Thank you for your response.

Although there isn’t a Create Incident with Attachment activity, a workaround that could possibly work is using the Create New Incident activity, saving the variable, and then calling that variable in the Add Attachment activity.


In the screenshot I’m calling the variable from the Create Incident activity in the Add Attachment activity.

Please let me know if this helps.

Kind Regards,

Eva Beasley

Thanks Eva,

Are there any other various methods to create incident with attachments in a simpler way using API?

It would be really helpful…

Hi @Rahul_Srinivas -

Currently there is not an activity for Creating Incidents with Attachments, but would love a chat to discuss your use case to see how I can assist.

Please let me know if you would be open for a chat.

Kind Regards,

Eva Beasley