Integrating UiPath to DialogFlow

Hi Guys,
I have a workflow that do scraping data according to inputed value from user.
I want to integrate this workflow with dialogflow to make my chatbot launch my uipath workflow and do scraping of data for entered value from user.
Then, I want to connect my chatbot with outsytems.
How can I do that ?
Thank you


Welcome to uipath forum

The Dialog flow Chatbot Connector Preview is deprecated effective July 1st ‘21

The service is deprecated and will be unavailable after October 2021.

And UiPath has made Druid available instead

For more options and reason why this got deprecated

Cheers @mia1

Thanks for your response.
Yeah, I know that the dialogflow Chatbot Connector Preview is deprecated but my job require to work with both uipath and dialogflow so I’m looking for a solution that makes me enable to work with both of them.

Does anyone have an idea about how to connect them toghether without using the deprecated connector ?

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