Chatbot access

how to access the chatbot in UiPath the previous link showing site can’t be reached
and also how to connect orchestor with it


From Oct 24th ’21, the chatbot connector service will no longer be available. Any integrations defined through the service will no longer work, and you will not be able to access the interface from

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I believe it has been decommissioned and cuurently you can use integratiosn with druid or Amelia with UI Path Seemlessly please try those integrations



but i can’t find any reated topic or dcoumentation Conversational AI + Automation - Amelia & UiPath Partnership | UiPath

can you breif the above or provide any link


You can use prebuilt components from marketplace if you are interested or use orchestrator api’s that you have and create your own chatbot as the inbuilt chatbots have been deprecated



I have worked on UiPath Chatbots, previously you can access it through But Now You can develop Chatbots using UiPath through Druid Platform. The UiPath Partners with Druid AI for developing Chatbots.

Here is the link:-

Watch this vedio for reference:-