Integrating the selenium scripts with uipath workflows

Hi Folks,

In our current project, we are automating web application using selenium and automating desktop application using Uipath. we are running the automation separately. like… running the selenium scripts first and then separately running the workflows in uipath. so can i know is there any other way to integrate the selenium scripts with uipath workflows for end to end automation.

one question why use selenium for process automation?

As of now, we automated the existing process using selenium webdriver earlier for web application but unable to automate SAP application as its a desktop app. so we automated SAP app process in Uipath. now i want to know, is there any possibility to integrate selenium scripts with uipath workflows. for example, i will run one test script in selenium then uipath workflow should be triggered after completion of selenium script. how to integrate selenium script with uipath ?

Hi @baalajee_k,

Once the selenium scripts executed just trigger the bot through orchestrator API to perform on the SAP.

if the script is written in python or js there are a posibilily with invoke python code

Hi anand,
Selenium script written in selenium with java.

Hi Anand,
Yes, as of now, we doing like that only. but i am expecting … once selenium scripts triggered, it should take care selenium and RPA workflows process. so is there possibility to integrate uipath with selenium or any other alternative way using 3rd party tool.

execute through terminal comands like java

Was the selenium and uipath integration successful?