Feasibility On Mainframe Automation

Hi Team,

I am doing a POC for my project wherein i have used Selenium as a primary automation tool as it is a web application. It has some integration with Mainframe where Mocha is used to connect it.I would like to know if UiPath can be used in connection with Selenium.

We make some transaction in web application(using Selenium) and then run jobs/update some values in Mainframe (UiPath) and again Open web application(using Selenium) to see the success message/update made after mainframe job/update is done.

I have just downloaded UiPath community Edition so far to check the feasibility.

Please help me if the above said scenario is possible with both Selenium and UiPath together. Note: I have achieved all operations in web application using selenium.
Waiting only for Mainframe update.

I am not sure whether UIpath can be used in connection with Selenium, but definitely u can automate mainframe and web application application using Uipath

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Hi Thanks for the response… Yeah exactly, UiPath can do both but the problem here is we use selenium to automate web application and we just want to make some changes in mainframe to complete the transaction done via web application.

This is something like:
Submit Transactions(Web - Selenium) —> Run Job/Update transactions (Mainframe - UiPath) —> Verify Successful job completion in Web Page (Selenium)

We wanted to get the job done in mainframe(using UiPath) once transaction is submitted via web page(using Selenium)