Integrating PostgreSQL With Uipath

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I would like to present this tutorial who are looking for integrating PostgreSQL With Uipath

Following steps are required

  1. Open Uipath Studio, and create new project
  2. From manage packages, search Database in All Packages and Download Uipath Database Activities Pack

  1. Create new activity and search for connect to data base and drag drop the activity.

  1. Then click configure connection button

  1. Edit connection setting will open, then click connection wizard
  2. Choose the Data source window that will open in it. Then drop down the options in Data sources in which select Microsoft ODBC Data Source. Then Click Data Provider drop down box and select .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC.

  1. Then select Use user and refresh it then select PostgreSQL35W.
  2. Enter User name: postgres, Password : root (note: Password should be in Lowercase). And click Test connection. Test connection Succeeded message will be displayed in it.

For Reference
How to write data from PostgreSQL to Excel Sheet

  1. In Connect to database activity, Create a new Variable to store info with variable type of Uipath.Database.Databaseconnection (If press ctrl+k on output, it will create variable type automatically).

  2. Next search Run Query in database activity then drag and drop it. In edit query write the query Syntax within “query syntax”. For Example “select * from company” to select whole information from Company Table. Then create output variable for this activity to store value from sql database.

  3. By using Excel Application scope we can write data from run query to excel by passing variables from run query.


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Hi @Gokul001
I have been trying the solution suggested by, but I stuck in between and I don’t see the “PostgreSQL” option in user drop down list.
Attached the screenshot for your reference:

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