Retrieve data from database to folder

how to retrieve data from sql database using uipath

Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad


Instead of Postgresql → Use Sql database

Have a look on the thread


Use connect activity to connect with sql client.
If you can’t find the connect activity, you can install it from manage packages by searching UiPath.Database.Activities.DatabaseConnect.

can you tell after db connection which query write in run command for select all data & store in particular folder


Can you add breakpoint to output datatable and run in debug mode and check what your datatable(output for Run command) returning?

Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad

Just use the Run Query activity and create an output variable

Run Query activity variable type → DataTable


extract sql data in particular folder using uipath

Duplicate : Retrieve data from database to folder

can you explain more bit ?

 Colum1    Colum2     Colum3
  1. Akshay Yogita Akash
    2.Yamini Yojna Akshu

suppose I want to store data of Names which is start from A store in one folder and other is starting from Y store in other folder from sql database using uipath how i do it can you send workflow

once you retreive the data from data table try to iterate using for each row , i hope you will store the data in excel.
next you can use switch case for 26 alphapet formats for switch case input will be row(“columnname”).tostring.substring(0,1).tolower
inside each case do like create folder but before creating check once path already exist or not if exist use append range or directly write


Please answer the following questions…

  1. From where we are getting the Names?
  2. Are we trying to insert the data to the particular database whose name starts with A and Y?