Integrating Monitoring tools(AppDynamics or Moogsoft, MS SCOM) with Orchestrator

We want to build a solution to Automate monitoring, Reporting and Incident logging for all Bot Production run failures.
By Integrating UIpath with monitoring tools like AppDynamics, SCOM.

WIll Uipath expose any APIs for live feed of Logs from Orchestrator.?

have a look here:

And here:

In addition to @ppr suggestion, you also have Logging you can setup by crafting custom Rules and Targets in your NLog configuration of Orchestrator and/or Robots.

My group is in the motions of setting up AppDynamics, but is low priority at the moment. So far we’ve configured our Orchestrator Nodes with the AppD App Agent and Robot, HAA/Redis, Computer Vision Nodes with AppD Machine Agents. I have plans to chat with our DBA to get AppD hooked into the SQL Server and will also be looking at setting up App Agent with Redis and then will look at how I could hook into the Robot Service.

For process and Orchestrator monitoring at the moment we are also sending the logs to Splunk and have built dashboards and alerts for triggering incidents and what not as needed.

I’d prefer to lever webhooks but when I looked at them last there wasn’t consistency between the payloads even between common hooks so it was a bit annoying to me to have to more or less have a controller / forwarder as middle layer to determine what to do with each event, and its more of a glob if you wanted to only subscribe to a certain process say, you still need to send all events of that type and then filter it instead of just subscribing to a narrower filter of the events.