Installing Microsoft Graph package leads to errors

I’m on a Microsoft Windows (non-legacy) project.

Installing Microsoft Graph 4.11.0 package, then updating to last version (5.34.0) causes an error and Main activity disappears; restarting Studio and reopening throws an error.

Only way to recover the project is to uninstall the package. Then if you want to use it stay on the 4.11 version and prevent from updating.

By the way, I don’t understand why the package manager is not offering to install the last available version from the beggining, then it shows up as a suggestion for upgrading.

Various updates on the matter:

  • Staying on the 4.11 version doesn’t show any activities when searching for “graph” in the Activities section.

  • Upgrading to 5.34 throws the abovementioned error. Both in package manager you have the option to choose a lower version. Choosing 5.33 and downgrading to that one doesn’t produce an error, yet the Main.xaml won’t open.

This is the error when upgrading to 5.34.0. Sometimes it just shows up and dissapears and it’s difficult to catch:

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-13 135320

I tried to downgrade to a bunch of lower 5.XX versions and all them threw the error; the highest one I could downgrade to was 4.54, yet no “graph” activities show up when searching.

So I’m guessing the WPF addin that is referenced is related to the Windows Presentation Foundation which is the framework that UiPath is built on that allows you to develop with low code building blocks, when it fails to load logically you also cannot load any workflows.

Regarding the error, firstly may I ask what you need the Graph API library for? I’m curious since I don’t know of any real use cases for it and wonder if perhaps you think you need it when you don’t.
Even if you do need it, there won’t be any activities for it in the activities pane no matter which version you use, this is a just a normal .net library, it won’t have any ‘Low Code’ activities that you can plug in.

Perhaps zoom out and describe what you want to do and why you think you need this package?