Install the UiPath Java Extension manually (no studio)

Hi there, I have a process that needs the java extension to work. I can install it with the studio but I don’t know how to install it on the PCs that have only the robot (no studio). Thanks for your advice.


You have to enable Java Access Bridge to work with Java based applications.

Refer the below post, how to activate JAB

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Thanks. In this guide it says: “Make sure the Enable Java Access Bridgebox is not selected.”, which is what I have.
-> How can I manually install the Java extension that UiPath provides (the one that you see under Start>Tools in the Studio)?


From uipath go to start, and go to tools, there you have different extension.

Java extension is available there.

Exactly this one but I want to install it on computers that have no Studio (just the robot).
There is a folder with the extensions under: C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath but I’m not sure if I can just take the files from there to another pc and how I would install them.

Refer the below post on how to install java extensions from cmd

and use the below command in cmd


Replace the above with your path accordingly and this should install java extrension.

Okay, I will try, thanks.

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