Randomly "UiPath Java extension is not installed" error

Hi dear UiPath community,

We are facing since the Studio and Orchestrator (onPrem) Update from LTS 19 to LTS 20 a randomly Java extension is not installed issue.

In general our robot works on a java bases application on a Citrix terminal server. The java extension is correctly installed. Our robot is running on scheduled triggers between 7 AM until 6 PM on work days.

The error occurs in my opinion randomly without a clear pattern over different processes an robots. For example, the one process works 20 times without any failure. But on the 21th run the “UiPath Java extension is not installed” occurred. On the 22th run the process works again fine.

The one pattern I see is that, the error occurs usually on the same activity in a specific process.

Has anyone a similar problem or has any idea what could be the core of this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi @kevin.caluori

I would suggest you to contact our technical support for direct assistance. It might be related to your specific environment/setup:

Hi @loginerror
Thanks for your advice. I will do that.

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