Installing CE edition

Hi Commnuity team,

Im having problem installing CE on one of my computers, previously I didnt have errors.

I try install UIPath Studio 19.8.0 (path download[.]uipath[.]com/UiPathStudioSetup.exe) on Windows 10. I have Defender active (failed also when disabling real time protection).
I get error message
“Installation has failed
Failed to extract installer”

Im running it as admin.
I deleted folder in %localappdata%/uipath

Any other suggestions, how to fix the issue?
There are no log files to present…

kindly check once whether any antivirus is blocking the installation
if so disable and try once
Cheers @Slowloris

Thank you for comment.

Antivirus usually displays announcement, it didn’t do it this time. Also I tried disabling real time protection, nothing changed, I still receive error message.

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is McAfee Installed in your system and if so kindly remove that antivirus or even the one you have now and try installing the uipath studio pls
make sure that the folder “%localappdata/uipath%” is removed

usually it must be a antivirus or FIREWALL setting issue
kindly check with the above steps and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Slowloris

Thanks for tips.

But unfortunately I already checked them ( see my first post):

  1. I have defender, not McAfee. Disabling AV didnt help.
  2. I have deleted %localappdata% UIPath folder.

It does create another folder in %localappdata% which contains update.exe and other files, but log file is empty/not created to see the issues.