Installation has failed - Failed to extract installer

Installation Failed


Installation has failed

Failed to extract installer

Please support to Install Uipath Community Edition

@aimohammed can you please give some more details, a screenshot , version of ui path you have downlaoded etc?

I just got the link from the uipath.

After download,When i try to install in Windows 10, i got the error: Failed to extract installer
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Hi @aimohammed

It might be that some antivirus software is blocking the file. Please whitelist it first.

i’m having same trouble and i don’t even have antivirus plzzz help me.

I have downloaded a recent version of UIpath community version.
plz help me ASAP.

Hi @alakmar_Shafin

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Could you try this solution here:


I have disabled McAfee on my laptop but still not able to install ui path studio.Error displayed:failed to extract installer

Hi @Parneet_Pathak

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Could you try running the installer as administrator?

Hi @loginerror

Related the same issue what I have tried till now:

  • Have run the installer as Admin
  • Even don’t have any Antivirus
  • Downloaded the stable version from the site.

Still facing the same issue!

For your reference, sharing the Configuration details as below:


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Hi @Kartavya_Lonkar

Could you see the article here on software requirements and make sure that the things mentioned about Windows 7 are correctly set up?

I am also facing same issue - tried installing Uipath Community edition for stable version 20.4.3 on windows 10 machine but i am facing error - Failed to extract installer.

Hi @varsha_bansal

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Are you by chance using McAfee antivirus? We have seen several reports of this software interrupting the installation.