Installer is no longer responding

I want to install UiPathStudioCommunity.exe, but it ran for quite a while, then the message “Installer is no longer responding” appeared.
I clicked Retry but after long time, that message appear again, so cannot install.

Please help me, how to install it?
My computer: HP 240G8, i5-1135G7, RAM 16GB, Free space 30GB, Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

Thanks you so much!

Hi @kienvtsws,

Welcome to the UiPath Community :tada:

The Operating system is not supported by UiPath Studio. You should be using any of the below operating systems.


Ashok :slight_smile:

pls check the prerequisites provided by UiPath, and also download latest version of MIS file.

.exe has been obsolete for more than a year. Please log in to the Automation Cloud to get the newest Community .msi installer :slight_smile: