Ui Robot


Hello sir,
when I downloaded a UiPath studio community version it downloaded only UiPath studio not came with the UiPath robot . So, How to download UiPath robot setup?


@ImPratham45 you cannot download uipath robot follow below link


Hi @ImPratham45,

Check this link,


Thank you for reply, but how can i get UiPath Robot.exe,If possible please send me the link of UiRobot.exe so I can download it.


@ImPratham45 when you install uipath studio uirobot.exe will be present in the folder



Hai @ImPratham45,

Check in this directory and run the UiRobot.exe



Thank you for the replying me, I just downloaded the Ui path studio comm version but it cannot came with the UiRobot setup. So i just wanted to know how can i download the Ui Robot.If possible please share the link with me so i can download it.


Do you install uipath studio


Hai @ImPratham45,

Uipath Robot does not come with separate setup file it is including on you Uipath studio installation folder .,


@Arvind thank you sir


@indra thank you sir.
i got the solution. actually i was not aware about the exact path of uiRobot.exe but now i got it
thanks for your time.
the path is: C:\Users\User1\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.2.3\UiRobot.exe


@ImPratham45 try this: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.2.3\UiRobot