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Weare planning to use uipath in client AWS, what are the basic system requirements. And way to setup uipath.


I too need this help, we are also in the same phase. Any help here appreciated.

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AFAIK the client requirements are written in the documentation here:

I am planning to install a test environment in AWS and have no experience with AWS, but a demo can be found on youtube: The rest should be similar and good to manage.

If you find usefull instructions, please share them here :wink:

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Please log the ticket on aws support. First they told that i have to take paid version lator on on my request they ready share dov for that and call will also comeif it does not help:

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You can view the basic requirements for using uipath on AWS here:

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Were you able to set up these servers for robot and orchestrator? Does it work smoothly?

Also, what are the costs approximately foe the robot and for the orchestrator service when using AWS?

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Some random thoughts of what you might want to think about, as there is no one correct solution as there is no real difference when deploying UiPath on a cloud infrastructure such as AWS compared to a local solution, but you should familiarize yourself with your cloud provider of choice as well as the UiPath platform requirements to design the appropriate infrastructure for your needs.

  • AWS does not natively provide Windows consumer instances outside of Amazon WorkSpaces. If this is a requirement for your Robot, you’ll need to use WorkSpaces or Import your own Windows 10 image and responsible for licensing.

  • How are you going to define your infrastructure? Manually through the Web console, or maybe use various other resources such as Cloudformation, Terraform, Troposphere,

  • How are you going to provision your infrastructure? Manually through Web Console, AWS CLI, some form of CI/CD pipeline?

  • Custom AMIs for quicker spin up of Orchestrator nodes and Robots

  • Provision SQL Server on a EC2 Windows 2016 instance vs RDS (There are pros and cons to both)

  • Single ‘Robot’ per EC2 or multiple ‘Robots’ per EC2 aka “High-density” mode. Which has additional licensing costs from Windows for Remote Desktop Services to allow more than the default two RDP sessions.

  • Do you need to have High availability and fault tolerant? If so, then you’ll need to consider having a load-balancer with multiple Orchestrator nodes (EC2s) along with Redis or maybe leverage Amazon ElastiCache instead.

  • Are you going to want to monitor your infrastructure?

In regards to cost, that is too variable for anyone to answer for someone else because the costs will largely depend on your infrastructure design which services you choose to provision and the sizing of those resources including the region in which they are provisioned to. Amazon does have a price calculator in beta to help you estimate your costs as well as a Simple Monthly Calculator.

In addition to that each service has a pricing page (e.g EC2 pricing) for a comparison an on-demand EC2 instance that is a t2.xlarge which is 4 vCPUs and16Gib of Memory in the US Eat (Ohio) region is $0.4332/hr where the same thing in Canada (Central) is $0.2458/hr. That would of course change if say you wanted a EC2 instance with Windows & SQL Server as there’s an additional licencing cost built into the pricing.

A long story short, there is too much to address to provide a suitable answer for specific needs without much more details on your requirements. I highly to start digging into AWS, lots of good information on their website as well as many educational resources to understand and become familiar with the fundamental services. Amazon also provides 12 months of free-tier services to help you learn their services, so long as you only provision things labeled as free-tier, you won’t be charged.

The Internet is full of free content, some better than others, but if you like structured learning and resource to practice what your learning and don’t mind a little cost then you can look at some publishers like O’Reilly or Packt who have many books and video course often on sale.

Some other services I can recommend…
I can also personally recommend Linux Academy (<< Referal link), I’ve used them for the last 2 years to study and practice AWS among other things. Especially in the last year, they’ve been really focused on added new content and refreshing old content. But what I really like about them is there interactive hands-on labs included in the service as well as a “playground” area for you to spin up to 9 servers unrelated to the course content or labs that you can use to practice your skills in addition to sandbox environments for both AWS and Google Cloud.

Another one, I haven’t personally used, but a few members of our company’s cloud team have recommended it, is A Cloud Guru. They provide some free content as well as a month/yearly subscription to their paid content, or you can purchase one off courses.

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