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Weare planning to use uipath in client AWS, what are the basic system requirements. And way to setup uipath.

Regarding Remote Desktop Access
UI-Path Studio Installation

I too need this help, we are also in the same phase. Any help here appreciated.


AFAIK the client requirements are written in the documentation here:

I am planning to install a test environment in AWS and have no experience with AWS, but a demo can be found on youtube: The rest should be similar and good to manage.

If you find usefull instructions, please share them here :wink:


Please log the ticket on aws support. First they told that i have to take paid version lator on on my request they ready share dov for that and call will also comeif it does not help:

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You can view the basic requirements for using uipath on AWS here:

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Were you able to set up these servers for robot and orchestrator? Does it work smoothly?

Also, what are the costs approximately foe the robot and for the orchestrator service when using AWS?

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