UiPath Studio and Orchestrator in AWS Cloud

HI Team,

I am looking for UIPATH studio and Orchestrator installation in AWS cloud. Kindly guide me the relevant support documents or user guide.


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@codemonkee wrote an excellent guide on how to configure your EC2 security groups in order to have an external client communicate with your AWS-based server running Orchestrator:

Apart from that, if all your machines are on AWS (i.e. robots, app and database servers), just move them to the same security group. Installing UiPath Studio isn’t much different from a non-AWS machine: Install Studio

The same is true for Orchestrator:

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Thanks a Lot. I will check the documents and get back to you if i have further queries.


How do I provision robot machine on AWS?
AWS doesn’t provide windows workstation on EC2 instance.

Help appreciated.


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Just one example: Running Windows 10 on AWS EC2 · GitHub