Implement UiPath in AWS


Hi UiPath Community !

Has anyone successfully implemented Uipath Orchestrator, Studio and Robots in AWS?

If so what is your setup?

Anyone running Studio directly in AWS on Win server via Remote Desktop Services? If so anything to be aware of setup or challenges etc.

Alternatively anyone running Studio on Win server outside AWS and communicating with Orchestrator that is inside AWS if so how?

Would appreciate any feedback on setup and experiences tips and tricks etc. with running Uipath in AWS.




I have a running instance of Orchestrator in AWS. BUT I could not install it via the plattform.msi .There was a problem with the db authentification.

The guy from the support could install the Orchestrator with the scripts, which by themselfes are not the recommended or supported way of installation anymore -.-

So I can tell you, it does work, but i can not tell you how exactly you have to install.

My next steps are virtual machines for robots…wish me luck ^^


Hello @fraydex, did you any update on this… could you please share more info on this.
Interested to know more…


To be honest this is the main problem for uipath right now. Other RPA vendors also have a challenge here. A simple and decent roll-out of robots on virtual machines in the cloud. I keep recommending myself for those who have succeeded and still know how to complete a successful installation.


@ovi Could you please show some more light on this.


@rkelchuri I worked with UiPath studio in Amazon AWS instance. After 2 or 3 days I got a problem regarding licence.


If you are using purchased license then you have to contact support team.

please check out about answer from Ovi