Installation of Community Edition in corporate environment

Installer(.exe or .msi):2018.40

License type(Free, Trial/License code): free

Studio/Robot version:2018.40

Current behavior: won’t install

Screenshot: hhhh


I am trying to install UiPath Community Edition 2018.40 in a corporate environment.

I am doing this because my employer wants me to evaluate the tool to see if we can use it for testing software.

I am an avid user of UiPath Community Edition, and have convinced my employer to evaluate the software.

However, I am having a problem installing the software in the corporate environment.

The problem is as follows:

In the corporate environment, I only have internet access via a proxy server. This proxy server is preventing me from installing the software.

Is there a way to install UiPath Community Edition 2018.40 giving proxy credentials or other method that does not require direct Internet access during the installation process?

For example, is it possible to set a flag during the installation process?

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In a corporate environment, you have to use the trail version of the enterprise edition for evaluation/test pursposes
Link here

You have to contact your IT team to let the installion bypass proxy restrictions

Thanks for your reply. I have contacted the IT team, and they have told me that I cannot bypass the proxy restrictions.

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consider having them involved. Requesting the IT team through proper channel might help :slight_smile:

Hi @sean_foley

I do not know about your particular situation, but normally for Enterprises you would want to request a Trial version that allows you to activate it offline (at the cost of only being able to run it for 60 days and not being able to go back to the community edition afterwards).

However, if you are okay with using the Community Edition, you will need to give it access to the online activation (as there is no workaround to activate in offline)

That doesn’t sound like IT at all :laughing:
I don’t understand why they can’t whitelist the uipath domain. They whitelist all the other corporate web portals and applications already I’m sure, and it sounds like the UiPath software is an approved application.

But, I need to stay out of it cause I’m liable to get you in trouble :stuck_out_tongue:. I agree you should get IT involved in the RPA journey, cause it will make things easier in the future. But if it’s a take-home laptop, you might be able to get around it on your home internet, as long as you don’t join the company VPN.

Thanks. I installed the trial version of the enterprise edition to get around this problem.