Installation failing UI Path Studio 22.4.4


Can you help with this installation error that we are getting? Installation won’t proceed in anyway we install it with this error:

It is the .msi we downloaded from your website. Attached is the log file.

Instead of right-clicking the installer and choosing “run as administrator” just choose “run as another user” and then enter administrator credentials.

Already did that. I also installed logged in as the admin. Same issue.

I can’t attach the log file here as it is not allowed. I hope I can send it to someone who can review it in email.

Hello @timothy.martinez

Can you please confirm whether the system meets the software and hardware requirements?


Yes. Pretty much. Its Windows 10 with decent disk space, RAM, and processor.

Check the Software requirements as well.


Checked on that area as well. All good with HW and SW requirements.

Click on View logs. You will see the errors that caused your behavior.