Install unattended and attended on same machine

Hi All,

  1. I have installed an Attended Robot and OC on the server.
    I have the license key for an unattended robot ? Can I install on the same machine (server) ?

  2. Can I install an attended and unattended robot on my local PC(laptop) ? If yes, what will be the machine key ? will it be floating robot in this case ?

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Hi @preetith

This is not much clear could you pls mention your requirements again pls

Yes you can, machine key will be the key that your created on orchestrator machines and assigned one.

Floating robot is one of requirement, of you really need it yes its posible to assign Floating

Thanks Manish. I understand that by using floating robot I can choose between robots from OC. However, since I have installed attended robot on my personal laptop, I am wondering how to install unantteded robot as well on my laptop ? that is not possible isnt it ? unless I have another profile on my Laptop ?