Install UiPath.Core.Activities.InjectJsScript?

I can’t find Inject JS in activities and I can’t find information on where to download this activity. Iam using UIPath StudioX 2020.10.3
How do I install this activity?

I have the following packages installed:

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Inject is script activitiy is present in the studio itself under

UI Automation > Browser

Like that

Check that

If it is not there then the update the packages (if needed in package manager) and open the studio again

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Thank you. It’s cool how much you can do with this software!
I have uninstalled the package, closed and re opened Studio X, installed the package and I have reinstalled StudioX too.
Uipath.UIAutomation.Activities 20.12.0 Preview

I dont’ get Inject JS in the list.

Solution was to change from StudioX to Studio. Inject JS is probably too advanced to be included in StudioX as it needs coding.

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