Install Insights with multiple tenant orchestrator instance

I have an orchestrator instance with multiple tenants, and each tenant has unattended bots which I need to get report / data on dashboards available in insights.
How does insights works? Does it on tenant level or orchestrator level where report can be available from all tenants? My feeling is it is for later as there is only one DB for all tenants.
Please share your thoughts.

Hey @ramvashista85, insights works on a tenant-level, the same way orchestrator does. We have one database per Orchestrator, with logical separation for tenants (same way Orchestrator db does). Reporting across all tenants is on the roadmap!

thank you @Michelle_Yurovsky for your reply, does it mean I need to have separate insight license for each tenant?

Sure tihng @ramvashista85 you don’t need a separate license per tenant, it’s licensed per Orchestrator so you can have as many tenants as you want enabled on that Orchestrator.

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That makes complete sense @Michelle_Yurovsky . Thank you again.

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