Install Community Edition On Windows Server with No Internet

Trying to install community edition on a Windows server with no internet though .msi file. After installation and starting, on the Get Started page, I selected “Standalone Options” and then Manual (3-step wizard for licensing where there is no internet connection available". Can’t move beyond that step. The continue button is disabled.

If I enter some random text in the Add License Key field, the Continue button is enabled but then the license code generated is invalid when I tried to use it on

Anybody else had the same problem?


Have a view on this doc for offline activation of studio

Cheers @casamag

HI Palaniyappan,

Thank you for your help.

Where do you find community edition license key?

On the guide, one of the steps is to " 2. Fill in the Add License Key field with the license key you received."

I never received any license key. Checked in Orchestrator online couldn’t find there either. Under License page there is no key there. What am I missing?


We need to connect to the internet to activate license first time at least.

The following #13 and subsequent posts will help you.


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Thanks Yoichi,

Sounds like for servers with restricted internet access, Community Edition of UIPath isn’t an option… That’s unfortunate.