Activation without internet

Should I activate UiPath Studio Community Edition without an internet connection?

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No not necessary
But it can also be done
For more details

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Thanks, @Palaniyappan for the prompt response. I have 2 more queries on the same topic.

  1. If I don’t have a license, Is there any way to activate community edition?
  2. If I buy a license, Should I get all the UiPath features without the internet.

It’s based on the edition
Like if it’s community edition then we won’t get any license and we can install it
But if it’s a enterprise edition we will receiving license from mail and we can use it

It’s not necessary like we need to get them
Without internet
It’s an option like even without internet we can do it in our machine

Cheers @ChaitanyaPanvalkar

@ChaitanyaPanvalkar Community Edition can only work in online environments (meaning on machines with internet connection). If you have an Enterprise license key you will also have the option to activate offline.

  1. Yes, for Studio choose the Activate Free option (only if you have internet connection). For Orchestrator you can access
  2. Yes, you will be able to activate them offline.

thank you @ovi
this cleared out few question of mine as well that i had on license activation
you are awesome…

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