Install a Prior Version of UiPath Studio

Older UiPath Studio Versions

Trying to study for the UiPath Associate Exam to get RPA Certified, but your UiPath Studio installation just upgraded itself from version 20.8 to 21.4? (For those who don’t know, the 2021 UiPath Associate Exam update now targets version 20.8)

Well, here’s the bad news: You can’t install an older version of UiPath Studio if you have the community edition. However, if you have a UiPath Studio Enterprise license, or you have the enterprise trial, you can click the help button in the UiPath Automation Hub page after you log in and options to download older versions of UiPath Studio will appear.

Enterprise UiPath Studio Only

This is only for the enterprise tool though.

UiPath Studio CE will always force an upgrade to the latest edition. You can only turn that off with enterprise. It’s one of the big differences in the UiPath Studio Community vs Enterprise comparison.