How can I install the previous version of UIpath Studio Community?

I want to deploy bots on the most recent stable version of UiPath. To do that, I need to install the most recent stable version of UiPath studio.

Hi @Sandip_Mahto

Please check this


Hi @Sandip_Mahto

You cannot install the Previous version of UiPath Studio for Community license. It is possible to install previous version if you are using enterprise license.

If you got any link to download the Previous version of UiPath Studio. It will install previous version but for two to three days it will auto update to present version.

Hope it helps!!

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i have enterprise old version link
let me know if this helps you


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Login into your Orchestrator.
Click on the Question mark symbol and then click on Downloads

Click on Other Versions

From here you can get the stable releases.

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For community you would have only one version

Stable versions would be there for enterprise with license or on trail


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