Insights: Count of Days (Selected Filter)


I ran into something while I started playing around with Insights: Is there any possibility / formula to count the number of days which are selected via a dashboard filter… Let´s say the selection is “Last 30 days” the count should be “30”. If “01.07.2022 - 05.07.2022” is selected the count should be “5”.

Any ideas / suggestions?

Thx for your support

Hi Nico,

Please store selected value( let say 30) in Variable and pass that number to Olddate =Today.AddDays(-30).tostring(“dd.MM.yyyy”) output:- 05.06.2022
Presentdate = Today.toString(dd.MM.yyyy")
Output :- 05.07.2022

Hi Shaik,

thx for your suggestion. But I am not talking about UIPath Studio but about UIPath Insights and the configuration of new tiles in a dashboard. Or do I misunderstand something?