Insights Cloud Has More Queue Items Than Orchestrator

Insights Cloud has more queue items than Orchestrator

Issue Description: Insights Cloud has more data than Orchestrator.

Root Cause: This can occur in the following scenario.

  1. Data in Orchestrator was deleted after it was ingested into Insights. Orchestrator does have the same data but some of the queueItems in Orchestrator have the delete status but that is not represented in Insights. The reason is that Insights does not update the status after it has been ingested. These are the scenarios that triggers data to be ingested into Insights
    1. A queueItem reaches a successful state
    2. A queueItem reaches a final failed state
    3. A queueItem is deleted before it can reach a final failed or successful state
  2. After the item is ingested, the queueItem is deleted. This status is not updated in the Insights database
  3. This can also happen if the queueItem are deleted after the they have reached the retention policy.
These scenarios have been seen when for when for some reason queueItems are deleted in the Orchestrator UI and this can create confusion when creating reports.


  1. As a best practice, try not to delete queueItems
  2. If the qeueItem a unique field associated with it that is common to it might be possible to filter out the un wanted data
  3. UiPath is planning an update in the future where the status of queueItems will be updated but as of writing this that feature has not been implemented
    • For a reporting database the cost of updating the items can be difficult which has created a technical challenge.
  4. From the design perspective, technically these items represent true events that occurred. If a queueItem failed or was successful and was then deleted, that still represents a true event that occurred.