Insert row wise data into SAP from spreadsheet-how would cursor moved to next row?


I am trying to enter data( line items ) in SAP row by row.

The data is stored in a spreadsheet. The objective here is to enter one row then click “Enter” so that the cursor moves to the next row.I already tried sending ‘enter or tab’ hotkey, but it is not working. The issue here is that the robot proceeds to the next row but then the cursor jumps back to the 1st row and overwrites the 1st Line item.
For each row is used to read data from spreadsheet,

Selectors for activity in for each are as below,
Selector for type into activity for first row,first column.


why to move the cursor please enter all the fields in first and for last value type into pass additional enter so that it should go automatically to the next row


table contains more than 25 columns and I want to enter data into 5 columns only. Pressing tab key for 25 columns is tidious.