Entering row-wise data in SAP using a spreadsheet - counter not working in selector


I am trying to enter data( line items ) in SAP row by row. The data is stored in a spreadsheet. The objective here is to enter one row then click “Enter” so that the cursor moves to the next row.I already tried sending ‘enter’ hotkey, but it is not working. The issue here is that the robot proceeds to the next row but then the cursor jumps back to the 1st row and overwrites the 1st Line item.

Is there a way to click enter in SAP and proceed to the next row?

Appreciate your help.

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I know this is not the answer, but I have a similar problem. I’m trying to insert the details which are indicatied in red here. this should be done by iterating through a data table with an excel spreadsheet as a source. First of all it is hard to even get a good selector, then by incrementing the variables as the row and colum. It only works fine if every day has a filled timeslot, but only the first row. Plus the detail element doesn’t exist if the timeslot is not filled out. So I have no clue to jsut simply jump to the next 1.

thanks for the help

Do you get any relevant solution for your query? I also have same query.
Appreciate help for the same.



I have provided the solution here: How to load load data into SAP datatable from excel - #7 by LevKushnir

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Hello @LevKushnir

Your solution worked.
Thank you so much for the help.


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