Insert new columns in excel

Hello community, i’m facing a new task but i don’t have idea how can i solve it.

I receive an excel that can have for example any of this formats
Somethimes come like this: (in this case i need to insert two new columns id at the begin and año at the end)

Or like this: (in this case i need to reorder id to the begin and año to the end

And this is how i want it

Any suggestion ?

@naotosx Check below link once.

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you can use Insert column activity
you need to assign the column name and position of column

in properties pan


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i’ll take a look Thanks <3

This can insert even first than the existing columns ? Thanks!


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and in case if i need to move a column do you know how can i do it

hey go through this link for this:

sample is there


Hey Naoto,

let me know if still you are facing any issue!

thanks and Regards

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Thanks! , today i will try and let you know thanks again :'D

How can i check which format i’m working with ? be cause i could donwload an excel but i don’t know what format does it have maybe a or maybe b and depending the case i will modify

Simple just use build data table with fixed template, whatever the format your input excel file that doesn’t matter just read the file loop record and rad values using row.item(“column name”) so your then use add data row and pass parameters in order you created ATA table, this way you can make sure whatever the Input output always the same order.

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Thanks! Do you have any example ?:blush:

Use build data table activity, and provide columns like Id(string), nombre(string),correo(string) and so on whatever the order you want,
Then use Excel application scope read you input file using read range,
Now you have data table
Use for each row activity
Use add data row activity inside for each and in input array {row.item(“ID”). ToString, row.item(“nombre”). ToString so on in same order you used in build date table…}

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Rencently i retake this case and thank you very much! :smiley:

For knowlege i leave this here:

Completo.xlsx (8.9 KB)
excelFinal.xlsx (9.1 KB)
Main.xaml (19.6 KB)

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