Insert: Dynamic SQL generation is not supported against a SelectCommand that does not return any base table information

Hi Team,

I am unable to insert rows in oracle database table with insert query.
Iam able to insert row using run command.


Please help me out

Thanks in advance

Hi @anusha2

I think that the problem should be based on the datetime column, sintax between UiPath and sql are differentes and we need to parse it or manage as string

Thankyou for your reply.

I need to pass data to oracle database. There are 2 insert options in UiPath
One is directly writing insert query in run command .
Other is inserting data through data table .
First one is working .
Coming to second one i am getting one error
I have date datatype in database table
But I have datetime in UiPath.
Iam sending datatable through build datatable.
We don’t have only date variable in UiPath right.
We need to use datetime.toshort

But my question is if I send data through build datatable.
I don’t have option to change datatype from datetime to date.

Thats true, build doesnt allow to make any kind like that, what you can do is loop through your dt and parse each value like thios


Thankyou so much …

So we cannot directly insert datatable (Because of date variable) in insert command right??



Hi @anusha2
Yes, That’s annoying

Here we have date only in mscorlib []
But my version is

How to change that