Insert DataTable to MS Access

Hi guys,

I am new to SQL/database and may not know how to do this well,
I am trying to insert a data table which I managed to scrape off SAP.
However, I encountered this error when I tried to use the Insert activity from Database package:
Insert: Dynamic SQL generation is not supported against a SelectCommand that does not return any base table information.

Here is my workflow:

Here is my Access Table:
For now, the table is empty as I don’t have any data in it yet.

How do I insert the data table into Access?
Thank you!

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Check this out for more discussion on this


Hi @Hou_Paang_Soul

Typically this error occurs when you try to use the Insert activity from the Database package with a DataTable that doesn’t have a defined schema or a corresponding base table in the database.

Check your schema and database table once.


Few things to bear in mind

  1. The datatable should have data
  2. Column names and datatype shpuld exactly match between dataatable and the database table


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