Input Dialog, Try Catch in While Loop


I am trying to get mail and date with input dialog. I have to check mail format and datetime format with e try catch. I want to do check variables, throw exception pop-up and if there’s an exception show input dialog again.

Edit 1: I did for datetime. Is there a format(variable type) getting email from input dialog?

Any tips?

hope these steps would help you resolve this
–we can use INPUT DIALOG box activity to get the email id and store that in a string variable which can be obtained as a output variable named str_mailid
–now this can be passed to a IF CONDITION and validate whether the mailid given by the user is in correct format
may an example like ths
str_mailid.ToString.Contains(“”) //a sample validation

or we can use REGEX to find is there any special characters used in the mail id like this

hope this would help you
Cheers @ercanebiler

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Hi @ercanebiler

Use get outlook mail message =>Var=>System.Net.Mail.Message
use for each item in mail message

Pass the item in the input dialog

Ashwin S

Thanks for both @Palaniyappan and @AshwinS2.

I checked it with contains method. Ashwin i don’t want to get mail messages, i want mail adress sorry for missing information.

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