Get outlook mail messages errors

I have 2 questions about this topic
First, i am trying to use this activity in try-catch block and when there is an exception it runs the activities in exception but gets an error at throw activity

Secondly, I want to put account variable to get outlook mail messages. But it gives an error when i do, works fine when i leave empty this field.

Any help?
Thanks in advance.


Using throw within try catch?

And for second question, Do you have the your outlook mail opened in your machine?

Hello @dcrt

first problem is that your GetOulookMail didn’t find any mails in the timeout period so it throws you an exception.

second problem is that when you leave empty, the activity is using your Default value that you are logged into your Outlook. When you are filling that property, you are probably entering invalid user.

Check this to see if you are entering wrong user

just found the source of the problem. Try this: Control Panel -> Mail (32-bit) ->
email tab. The “name” field of the email account is what you need to use in the “Send Outlook Mail” activity,
NOT necessarily your email address. That could absolutely have been documented better on the UI Path website!

That was the case for my second problem. I didn’t now it was sensitive to uppercase.
Still trying to figure out the second one :slight_smile:

I am getting an error in get Outlook mail message activities… I can send the emails, but unable to read the mails. Could any one please help me out?