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Hello everyone!

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but is there a way to create an input window that helps you sort through data?
For example, let’s say we have some data from a greenhouse (humidity, temperature, etc) taken every hour. And if a user wants to see all the data from a specific hour of the day (12am for example), in a specific time period (march-may), they should just input what they need in the input window, and the necessary data gets moved to a different excel file?
Is there a way to do that? It needs to be User friendly, so an interactive input window should be preferable.

@Evija_Fokrote Yes, it is possible but the only thing is you have to code in a manner,

For example : The data which you are taking every hour, you have to store that data into particular file (ex: excel , csv …etc ) then, You can ask user to give input through “Input Dialogue Box”. Once user fill the options, you can filter the data and store that data into another excel in some specific folder or just display on screen through message box. That depends on your process.

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Thank you! That makes sense.

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Hi @Evija_Fokrote

Yes, you can do that. Consider that the data stored is any of the db e.g. SQL. Using input dialog activity, you can ask no. Of inputs from the user.
Upon submission, design a workflow in such a way that it’ll open SQL session, trigger a query with all input parameters ( provided by user) and get the results in datatable. Once you get the results, create an excel sheet with the same and store it on your preferred location.

Let me know in case of any further queries.

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