Need Help With input dialogue box and counter

I have an excel file as an input and i am not able to create a logic for taking input values from user to tell the Bot how many accounts the bot needs to process.

For example :- if I have 100 records in the excel file the user will tell the bot that it only needs to process 10 accounts today and then the bot should stop when it’s processed 10 accounts


There is any Specific condition for Accounts Processing.

  • today Accounts
  • Account older than month.

No There’s no such conditions


Set the index variable in for each property and apply check->
if index.equals(10)
Break .

in for each loop there property called maximum iterations there you can pass the integer that count of account so it will process only given input


Try this way:

  1. Take one input dialogue and create one intUserInput variable - Type(Integer)
  2. Read range - Output as - Dt
  3. Take one assign activity and create one intcounter variable - Type(Integer)
Assign intCounter = 0
  1. Take one while loop and pass the condition like this
  2. Take one for eachRow in data table activity pass the Dt
  3. Take one assign acrivity after for each row
intCounter = intCounter+1


try this solution

Sequence1.xaml (7.3 KB)


As we discussed , I hope your has been resolved


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