Initial start always fail

Hello guys,

when i start my app i get always this curios error message:

It says that i have to install UiPath Assistant, but it is already installed. When i close a reopen the app this works fine.

Hi @alirida.alhalass

May be it’s not installed properly. Try removing it and Reinstall.

Loveleet Saini

This Message pops out just once after a start

If i close the app and reopen it it doent show me any error


are you still getting this error?


unfortunately yes.

thanks for the reply

can you share the details what are you trying to do?

I have an app which i deployed on my computer. Just by starting the app i get on the initial start this error. on the second try i become error 0 and on the third try it works
that is always the case

@alirida.alhalass ,

Is it the same case when you are running the process from Orchestrator?


It is the same.

Then its problem with your configuration. please check once.

Which configuration should i check? I redeployed the app from orchestrator and it is the same behavior.

@alirida.alhalass Please try the below things:

Try to run the process from UiPath Studio first and then from orchestrator as well if that works fine. Then try to remove the process and entities from the UiPath App and then re-add them and see if the issue still persist. This normally happens because of some caching issue try to do this and see if it works.

Let me know if this solves issue.