I get the error in the App data, The UiPath Assistant is required to complete this action

I get the error when am creating the app data I connected the process also and I created publish package also
@loginerror please help to come out from this problem
When I give a preview I get this error

@Yoichi hope I will get a Replay soon

Chethan P

Hi @copy_writes

can u close and run it again?

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which one Assistant or UiPath

Still am getting the same error I close the assistant
The UiPath Assistant is required to complete this action.

Can u click on the link

which link

Hi @copy_writes

Could you share a bit more context? I will try to guess that it is an Academy Course that goes over the UiPath Apps?

Actully hear am create app like CRM project enter the employee details and it will save in the excel.

  1. I create a app in the app

  2. I connect my project to app

  3. After that when am running or in preview I get this

if i click that link
[UiPathRobot.js | Download](https://get it now)

Could you please resolve this and this my project
Main.xaml (23.1 KB)

Could you still share your version of Studio? Is it the Community Edition?

If so, could you check if the UiPath installation folder %localappdata%\UiPath\app-xx.x.x-betaxxxx has this file in it? UiPath.RobotJs.UserHost.exe

And whether that process is running in Task Manager?

Hi, can you please try with selecting type as ‘Unattended’ in events. May be that will solve your issue.

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i Try that it is also not working

In case the UiPath.RobotJs.UserHost.exe process is not running, you might try a simple machine restart first that should restart all processes if something went wrong during auto-update.

Its not working

which one studio?

Studio and Robot execution is based on some processes that run on your machine. These processes are normally restarted automatically after the auto-update. However, sometimes that might fail.

Thus, sometimes the simple “fix” to many issues related to robot execution is to first try restarting your entire machine after auto-update. If the issue was due to the services not starting properly, machine restart should fix that.

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I restart my machine still I get the same issue :expressionless:

At this point I’m afraid I have to suggest a clean installation:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

It checked for myself and Studio update correctly started the necessary service from the 21.4.2 folder of UiPath installation:

If it is not there for you (if you could confirm it), then that could mean that your update process was somehow corrupted and a clean install might be neccassary.

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now its working fine but in processes old project is not deleted

Could you clarify if the original issue from the topic is resolved? If so, we could maybe continue with the second issue in a new topic :slight_smile: