How to store credential in an input file (Config file)?

Hi All,

Good day! I’m trying to store credential in an input/config file. My question is do I need to change something with my GetAppCredentials.xaml? Any suggestions would be a great help. Thanks!


Better to store credentials in windows credential manager or Orchestrator Assets and then use Get Secure Credentials activity to read those credentials in GetAppCredentials.xaml

The reason I’m asking this is because it’s one of the requirements for the Practical Exam. I’m really having a hard time on this practical exam :smiley:

@caduque If your doing RPA advanced Developer certification, Store credentials in Windows credential manager and get from it. Remove any references(activities) which is referring to orchestrator

I will be actually taking my 2nd attempt tomorrow. Would the requirements be different? Like they would ask me to use Orchestrator for my 2nd attempt? And the activities would be different as well?


Yes the task will change definitely. Be prepare for everything.

@caduque They won’t ask to use orchestrator in this certification mostly. Question might change slightly.

I’ll be damned then :smiley: still having a hard time getting credential from my config file. I don’t have any idea on how to do it as I was used to Orchestrator Assets. Aside from Assignments 1 and 2 from Level 3, I didn’t have any experience on automating a process.

@caduque If you did assignments 1 and 2, u can do this also certification easily, only time management is required that’s all.

Can you provide a screenshot of your config file and where you are putting the credentials?

Are you passing these into your workflow correctly when required (e.g. in_Config(“username”).tostring) ?

Also, why don’t you simply store the credentials in Orchestrator as Assets?

Hi @ronanpeter

I have also same question, how do I store the login credentials in Config file ?
If I store my username in config file that is ok, but password should be stored encrypted.

Please help.



You can look into an excel based masking solution without having to do anything special UiPath wise.

You could combine this with the lock worksheet functionality so that cell is locked down, only editable with a password held by you.

You would set that cell on the worksheet to locked in formatting:


While setting all others to unlocked.

This is not fully secure as excel passwords can be broken, and there are many available methods found on google. It depends on your requirements really. Ultimately you want to store the password away from the config as best practice, on Orchestrator, or Service Now, or AD or whatever you have that is secure.