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When i open a website, i see captcha. So the question is that where should i indicate if i want to use << check app state >> modern activity ???

The whole page or specific section ???

You should Select Specific part of it with full selector.

When using the “Check App State” modern activity in UiPath and encountering a captcha on a website, it is typically recommended to select the specific part inside the window where the captcha appears. This allows the activity to focus specifically on that area and perform the necessary checks.

Here’s the general process for indicating the area when using the “Check App State” activity:

  1. Open the website in a web browser within the “Use Application/Browser”,“Open Browser” or “Attach Browser” activity.
  2. Identify the area where the captcha appears on the web page.
  3. Configure the “Check App State” activity and indicate the specific part inside the window that contains the captcha.
  • Set the “Element” property of the activity to the selector or UI element that represents the captcha area.
  • You can use the “Indicate on screen” option or manually enter the selector to identify the captcha element.
  • If needed, you can adjust the timeout and other properties of the activity based on the captcha’s loading time and behavior.
  • Optionally, you can add additional activities within the “Then” block of the “Check App State” activity to handle the captcha, such as human interaction or image-based automation.
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To be precise you can indicate on verify you are robot …that would come only when it is asked for…

So the basic rules is…how you differentiate visually or through any parameters is what you need to take in consideration so that when you choose a selector it would be unique for a scenario along with a page or for different pages as per your need…

In this case any captcha so concentrate on the button or text which would definitely be present only on this site

Hope this helps


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Hi @170290064

Give like this


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Thanks for the answer.

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Thanks for the explanation!

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