How to handle captcha? I have attached the SS

How to checked the check box when it appears automatically?
Please help


Hi @smrutismita.samal - Did you try with Check activity to select that check box. Create a subworkflow, to check whether the check box is unchecked, if true then check, else do nothing. Invoke this workflow at the possible places in your code

Thanks for reply.
I have used check property to check the check box.
But now the issue I have no idea when this page will appear.

that check activity is also not working

@smrutismita.samal - Please create a subworkflow just to select that checkbox. Invoke this workflow at the possible places.

Does it showing an error. Also, give a try with click

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You could try using a click image opposed to a click, and highlight the box as the area

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Working fine using click.
Sometimes it required single click sometimes it requires to click twice.

@smrutismita.samal - Did you try only giving double click every time? or check below for few other ways

  • First use single click and use Element Exists to check for the next element/window that appears after captcha
  • If the element does not exists then use double click

Here are the general steps you can follow:

  1. Use the “Find Element” or “Find Image” activity to locate the checkbox on the screen. You can also use the “Element Exists” activity to check if the checkbox exists before attempting to click on it.
  2. If the checkbox exists, use the “Click” activity to click on the checkbox. You can use the “Simulate Click” or “Click Image” option if the checkbox is difficult to click using regular mouse clicks.
  3. If the checkbox does not exist, you can use a “Delay” activity to wait for it to appear again or use an “If” activity to check for the existence of the checkbox periodically until it appears.
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