Indicate if library runs from Studio or StudioX

Is there a possibility to somehow indicate if given activity included in the library was executed from Studio or StudioX debugger? Is there some class/property which is storing such info? I was checking different classes included in UiPath.* but did not find anything.

My goal is to block execution of a particular activity if somebody tries to run it from StudioX. I know that there are some alternative approaches like that I could remove this activity from the library shared with StudioX users but I am not interested in that.

When a process is being run, it’s not Studio that’s running it. It’s the Robot.exe process that’s running it (this is also true when running from Assistant or running unattended). As far as I know, there is no difference in the Robot.exe version whether you’re using Studio or StudioX. So there is no such thing as an activity that will run in Studio and not in StudioX. Having separate libraries may be the only solution.

Yes, I am aware that UiPath.Executor is executing the process but somehow the same activity run from Studio can work smoothly and fail when run from StudioX. I had this case this week only, so for sure there is some difference but it also could be another example of a bug within UiPath.


Then may be it would ideal to debug the issue…may I know what is being done in the library…

May be some dependency is missing in studiox…try to check the same…I dont think when running from assitant or orchestrator you would see any issue