Process not getting executed from studio

Hi Folks,

So I am facing a sudden error with UiPath Studio (the latest community version).
For testing purpose, I have created a workflow with just two activities (message box, send outlook mail message). However, when I click on Run from the studio, the studio goes into the Read-only mode and ends after some time without performing any actions which are present in the process.
Also, while in Read-Only mode (meaning that the process is running according to studio),the UiPath Robot icon (darker shade of the UiPath icon) is not getting displayed (as a proof that the process is running) and also, even the message box which is the first activity in the process doesn’t get displayed.
I am not sure what might be causing the issue as this issue is occurring only since the past few days. Hoping to get some answers to get this resolved.


  1. This issue is happening even when I choose to run the process by choosing the debug option from the studio
  2. When I first encountered this scenario, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the studio but still the issue persists.

You are connected to Orchestrator Community correct?

Not right now, as I am doing development and unit testing as of now. That’s why trying to run the process from the studio directly.

What do you see under the Output tab?
Does it show just something ‘execution started’ followed by ‘execution failed’ after the job fails?

It only shows “Execution started” and “Execution ended”, it does not call it out as an execution failure.
And sometimes, it shows the “Execution started” one but does not display the first message box. It get stuck unless explicitly stopped from the studio.